Vegetables As Desserts

One of the things I like about mostly shopping for yellow sticker items is the Russian roulette of meal preparation that comes with it. You never know what you’re going to get. I am an adventurer in the kitchen and not afraid to mess about with ingredients or make swaps depending on what I have in stock, can afford or need to use up. 

Not so long ago, I massively overbought on cut-price carrots. I googled a simple carrot cake recipe and made probably the best cake I have ever created with standard ingredients I always keep in stock. 

I have been regularly over buying on parsnips as there are so many cheap ones in the shops right now. They tend to have a better longevity than carrots. I’ve discovered a parsnip loaf recipe,  so every time I get a glut of parsnips this is my go-to recipe.

These aren’t the sort of things I will make on a regular basis. The calorie build up is too much. But, it means than when I am faced with the temptation of an over purchase of carrots or parsnips in the supermarket, I can do a variety of things with them. And it keeps these creations as a treat that I never quite know when I’m going to get. It’s timely because these root veg help make tasty winter warmers. Either of these with a generous serving of hot custard on a winter evening is going to be perfect!

Yellow sticker shopping helps keep me from getting into boring or predictable eating routines and ensures that I am always exploring new options and making the most of the cheap offers in the shops. 

At the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to improve on my £50 a month food budget. I aimed for £40 but have exceeded my expectations, and I am currently averaging £34 a month. And yet I am eating better, more experimentally and more variedly than ever before. 

When I am in the supermarket, I often observe people’s shopping behaviour. I see how they reach for the item they want because they don’t want to take their time, wait for a better offer or (as in most cases) think that the expensive branded version is the best thing for their trolley. For me, it’s worth waiting because I care about keeping my budget in check and using up unwanted produce in the shops. Waste not want not.

I have a policy of not just reaching for whatever I want regardless of brand or price. To me, that is lazy and impatient, and ultimately expensive, shopping. It’s what stores prey upon, putting the things they want you to buy in convenient places like ends of aisles, at eye level, or by shifting the aisles around to force you to into new areas with new temptations put in front of you. It’s about as far away from my shopping habits as I can get. I see a supermarket as a minefield of retail tricks, and it’s interesting watching people fall for it.

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