When Is The Yellow Sticker Bubble Going To Burst?

I keep planning to have a no buy month and use what I have in my freezers. But then I go for a quick reckie in the supermarket and there are loads of good deals, a lot of it foods with long use by dates or fresh products that can go in the freezer. Temptation... Continue Reading →

Fighting The Snacking Habit

I have fought my love of food all my life. I just like food. But I also like my health, my mobility and my independence from a health system that can't be relied upon. Equally, a snacking habit has no place in a cost of living crisis. Therefore most days are spent battling my urge... Continue Reading →

Levelling Up Plant Based Food Options

Better for animal welfare grocery items are the territory of the financially OK, not for folks like me managing a £25 a month food budget.  Even so, shopping only for yellow sticker and cashback items has unexpectedly opened up this market for me.  Whilst I don't consume a lot of milk and make small amounts... Continue Reading →

The Damp Squib That Is 2022

My emergency break glass snack bag (which I hasten to add is formed entirely of yellow sticker purchases and cashback app freebies) has taken a serious battering this past month.  The more I think about eating better and starting to get out and start running again, the more I snack. I always have my snapping... Continue Reading →

I Think People Are In For A Shock

Phone-ins, more than ever these days, consist of those worried about the rising cost of living and a DJ whipping up additional anxiety by wheedling out the worst cases they can find to use as examples. But I do think too many people just don't understand the gravitas of the coming situation. Sometimes I wonder... Continue Reading →

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