My First Car Camping Trip – Yorkshire and the Lake District

You might be thinking, how is it possible to camp in a small 3-door hatchback? Actually it's easier than you think, but it isn't luxurious. What I do like is that my car looks too small to camp in. It just looks like I parked up and went somewhere else. My little car attracts no... Continue Reading →

The First Rule Of Car Camping Is…

...don't talk about car camping. Don't be the person that advertises where they are at any given time and don't give away your best camping spots to the masses. Also, some Youtube car campers do have stalkers. And it's creepy. My next post (23 May) will be a round up of how my first real... Continue Reading →

Levelling Up Plant Based Food Options

Better for animal welfare grocery items are the territory of the financially OK, not for folks like me managing a £25 a month food budget.  Even so, shopping only for yellow sticker and cashback items has unexpectedly opened up this market for me.  Whilst I don't consume a lot of milk and make small amounts... Continue Reading →

Feast Or Famine

Shopping only for yellow sticker discount products means having to take whatever you can get. It means being careful with what you have, and rationing things out as long as they're still edible, especially if it's a key ingredient, in case you run out and can't get any more for months. It means stocking up... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Try Something New

When we went into lockdown in 2020, and avoiding people at all costs was the main challenge, car camping became a thing. Home from home mini hotels. No expense. No contact with other humans. I completely missed this trend, as I miss most trends, so here I am two years later with the added advantage... Continue Reading →

Solar Power – Small Scale

Spring arrived bang on time and some of you I am sure can imagine my sheer mental relief at the rising temperatures and actual sunlight. I have dispensed with some of my indoor knitted layers and my hot water bottle on all but the coldest evenings, and fresh air is circulating with gay abandon as... Continue Reading →

The Damp Squib That Is 2022

My emergency break glass snack bag (which I hasten to add is formed entirely of yellow sticker purchases and cashback app freebies) has taken a serious battering this past month.  The more I think about eating better and starting to get out and start running again, the more I snack. I always have my snapping... Continue Reading →

I Think People Are In For A Shock

Phone-ins, more than ever these days, consist of those worried about the rising cost of living and a DJ whipping up additional anxiety by wheedling out the worst cases they can find to use as examples. But I do think too many people just don't understand the gravitas of the coming situation. Sometimes I wonder... Continue Reading →

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