Morrisons More Card To Be Scrapped And A New Challenge

Later this month Morrisons is scrapping its More card in favour of more targeted product deals via its app. I am going to lose more than 2500 points as you can't cash in points that are part of the way through which is irritating. I liked earning points and getting a Fiver when I hit... Continue Reading →

Know What You Need

Knowing what you need to be healthy and balanced, and spotting the difference when you're not getting that, is important. Even more important is taking action when things are slipping. I've spent the last three weeks at my parents house and I feel like I have a never ending hangover. The reasons are this: a... Continue Reading →


Spring is here and I have had that inevitable reset. The sun is out, the temperatures are up and the nights are drawing out. I am planting my spring seeds which is ever an exciting time in my house. Tomatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, basil and spring onions are already well on their way. I am... Continue Reading →

Milk Methodology

I was explaining my £50 pm food budget to a new acquaintance the other day. I used my milk purchases as an example of how I negotiate systems and make things work in my favour whilst still being mindful. The last time I bought milk I purchased a 6 pint bottle of whole milk for... Continue Reading →

January Was A Short Month

I have not completed a yellow sticker post for January. I was only home for 11 days and haven't been shopping, opting instead to use what I have here (since I left with a full freezer) and save the cash. The day I arrived back it started snowing, and it's been intermittent but heavy ever... Continue Reading →

A Year In A Pie Chart

I couldn't resist putting all my figures for the year into a pie chart this month. I am a sucker for a spreadsheet. Compared to last year, some bills have gone up, some have gone down. No surprise there. This chart only accounts for personal bills not business costs which is a whole different chart... Continue Reading →

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