Changing Allegience

Whilst the weight loss challenge had lost its edge, I found within it a new and equally rewarding challenge which should have a knock on effect. The correlation between eating less calories and spending less money on food is a very real one in my book. I had consciously let go of the weight loss... Continue Reading →


Reblog: The Secret Lives Of Slim People

Guess what, there is no secret! It still comes back to the basics - burn more than you eat. There's no science here. Your lifestyle and your eating habits are largely to blame. I know that if I ate like either of these ladies I'd be as big as a house in no time, but... Continue Reading →

Reblog – Adulting And Dr Joshua Wolrich

This is a great episode from the 'Adulting' podcast which I found on Spotify. 'Fat, Fat-loss & Fads with Dr Joshua Wolrich' is Dr Wolrich's journey and battle with eating, improving your attitude towards food and how your childhood experiences can shape your relationship with eating. This is a subject close to my heart and... Continue Reading →

Steady State Cardio

Despite being 'almost' good as gold since I got back home post Christmas, and keeping up with my exercise, my weight is firmly stuck at 159.5lbs. I am trying to stick as close to my calorie deficit of 1148 cals per day, as possible, but nothing is changing. Of course, that's probably not true and... Continue Reading →

Gardening In Small Spaces

This year, one of my must have's is a garden space. The problem is that I live in a first floor flat with no determinable outdoor space. I added myself to the Manchester Allotments list last November (Tameside's being so long there was no point in joining it) but I don't expect to get anything... Continue Reading →

Great Run Local – Still Not There

Towards the end of last year I joined Great Run Local - my local being Debdale Park in Gorton, Manchester. I've never been, largely because of winter in the North. I find the weather here hard to cope with. I'm not tough and I spend most of my time cold, largely because my central heating... Continue Reading →

There Is A Problem With Milk

Every shopping trip for me is an ethical push and pull. On the one hand I want to be a supporter of small businesses, ethical processes and truly kind to animal farming. On the other I am crippled by a tight budget that has little wiggle room. I am going to become a windowsill gardener... Continue Reading →

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