Tiny Changes In 2022

Boy do I hate the winter. Shorter daylight hours mean less work and making the most of the natural daylight, now that I have cut back on using lights. And it's cold, but so far this year I have been able to keep on working. The heating is still set to its winter allowance (5pm... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of A Freezer

The freezer is probably my most valuable tool in the kitchen. It enables me to over buy on yellow sticker items and store them for another time. Most of my freezer is currently full of blanched vegetables, pre-cooked apples and rhubarb, frozen foraged blackberries and pre-made soups and casseroles as well as a host of... Continue Reading →

Vegetables As Desserts

One of the things I like about mostly shopping for yellow sticker items is the Russian roulette of meal preparation that comes with it. You never know what you're going to get. I am an adventurer in the kitchen and not afraid to mess about with ingredients or make swaps depending on what I have... Continue Reading →

They Tried To Gamify Litter Picking

I have always said that if recycling was a gold mine everyone would be doing it. And that's part of our problem with wanting to save the planet, we need to incentivise some of the requirements to make it attractive. Not so long ago, over on my business blog, I wrote about the problems with... Continue Reading →

Getting By, Getting On

I am reminded how quickly the seasons change. I can't even imagine what summer felt like. It's 6.46pm on a Sunday evening. I am in my pyjamas, with an additional jumper layer, fluffy socks, slippers, my dressing gown and I am wrapped in my trusty Slanket, my hands cupping a steaming mug of camomile tea as... Continue Reading →

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