Reblog: The Guardian: The Age of Envy: How to be Happy When Everyone Else’s Life Looks Perfect

I have a particular distaste for the selfie era. I am fully aware that most of the filtered images are fake, that even a bowl of food for a diet blog had perhaps 100 photos taken of it to get it just so. Nothing is ever authentic. If you're wishing your life looked like an... Continue Reading →


Discovering How To Read Again

I've got a lot better at reading since I stopped paying for the books. Before, spending money on paper entertainment seemed frivilous unless it was an essential in my work. Then I discovered my local library and suddenly I could choose any book without the risk of not liking it because if I didn't like... Continue Reading →

Is Your Fatigue Diet Related?

I've struggled with energy levels for quite a while. It got a bit worse when I started my new diet regime in June 2018 and since I've been on my low carb diet my energy levels have crashed. I don't have any health issues so I looked for diet related causes first. One of the... Continue Reading →

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