Letting My Standards Slip – Back On The Weight Loss Horse

A yellow post-it memo stuck to my fridge caught my eye and was a reminder that a small food budget is no guarantee of weight control. I've officially put on 15lbs since February 2021. Not in 2020 when everyone else was piling on the pounds in lockdown, but AFTER lockdown. In fact, it only really... Continue Reading →

Frivolous Luxuries

I have always considered myself quite privileged that for a greater part of my adult life I have been able to afford to run a car. My independence has always been precious to me, and being able to travel at will has always been a part of that. I am always careful with what I... Continue Reading →

I’ve Made An Energy U Turn

I think I am giving up on candles for my lighting. I spent a day the other week cleaning my walls down, grey with candle smoke. It was just awful. No wonder the Victorians decorated their rooms in dark colours. I have been researching light bulbs, on the back end of a long conversation I... Continue Reading →

The First Rule Of Car Camping Is…

...don't talk about car camping. Don't be the person that advertises where they are at any given time and don't give away your best camping spots to the masses. Also, some Youtube car campers do have stalkers. And it's creepy. My next post (23 May) will be a round up of how my first real... Continue Reading →

Levelling Up Plant Based Food Options

Better for animal welfare grocery items are the territory of the financially OK, not for folks like me managing a £25 a month food budget.  Even so, shopping only for yellow sticker and cashback items has unexpectedly opened up this market for me.  Whilst I don't consume a lot of milk and make small amounts... Continue Reading →

Feast Or Famine

Shopping only for yellow sticker discount products means having to take whatever you can get. It means being careful with what you have, and rationing things out as long as they're still edible, especially if it's a key ingredient, in case you run out and can't get any more for months. It means stocking up... Continue Reading →

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