Reblog: BBC News: ‘Four hours to walk off pizza calories’ warning works, experts say

One of the main reasons I don't generally buy ready-made or processed anything in the food aisles is because of the calorie count and the hidden ingredients. Homemade versions have less calories and at least I know what's in it. Seeing as the traffic light system isn't really working, I'm not sure putting on packaging... Continue Reading →

The Retirement Conundrum

If you watched last week's two-part programme on Channel 5 'The Great Pensions Crisis' you might be wondering how on earth you're going to make it through your working life let alone your retirement. Financial experts reckon a family needs a pension pot of around £250-500,000 in order to have what it considers a 'comfortable... Continue Reading →

Clean Energy Seems Like the Answer for the Climate Crisis – But Is It?

An Off Grid Life

Jason Hickel’s article in Foreign Policy, “The Limits of Clean Energy” on September 6, 2019 hits the mark.  As we run to clean energy to stop the climate crisis, let’s pause and look at what that really means.  His article details it nicely.  It may not be what we want to hear but let’s not make the same mistake twice, as we have done with the fossil fuel industry and extreme extraction.

Let’s start with his best quote, “The only truly clean energy is less energy.”  We need to start there.  Unfortunately, most people are thinking that slapping some solar panels up and getting an electric car will do the trick.  His article opens up a whole new can of worms.

Switching from fossil fuel extraction to extracting the resources needed for renewables is just more mining.  As Hickel states, “mining has become one of the biggest single drivers of…

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The Fear of Fuel Bills

November is the first month I have put the central heating on. We had a very cold snap in the second half of the month with temperatures several degrees below freezing and it was unbearable. I don't remember putting it on this early last year and it shows on my bill. I have decided to... Continue Reading →

Comfort Cooking And Icy Temperatures

Despite planning to go low carb properly in September, I've still had carb products to use up. Throwing away food is not an option, but I'm getting there. I've just finished using up the last of my baking flour (I have enough left to make soda bread which I will freeze when done) and my... Continue Reading →

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