January Was A Short Month

I have not completed a yellow sticker post for January. I was only home for 11 days and haven't been shopping, opting instead to use what I have here (since I left with a full freezer) and save the cash. The day I arrived back it started snowing, and it's been intermittent but heavy ever... Continue Reading →

It’s 2021 – How The Hell Did We Get Here?

Well here we are. And it feels a lot like March 2020. We've gone full circle. Everyone is in lockdown and everything looks pants. I've spent some of my Christmas break away with family prepping spreadsheets for the next 12 months. I need to be as tight with my money as in 2020 which means... Continue Reading →

A Year In A Pie Chart

I couldn't resist putting all my figures for the year into a pie chart this month. I am a sucker for a spreadsheet. Compared to last year, some bills have gone up, some have gone down. No surprise there. This chart only accounts for personal bills not business costs which is a whole different chart... Continue Reading →

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

I've been pretty impressed with myself this month. I managed to make a 50p pack of 5 donuts last 10 days. I had one every other evening as a dessert, warmed in the oven. It felt like a decadent treat because they're custard filled (not something I've had before) and in these chilly temperatures it... Continue Reading →

Gifting vs Charity Donations

I don't know about you but I get a lot more satisfication from gifting something to someone rather than donating to a charity shop. I've worked in a charity shop. Let's face it they have overheads and I imagine more of the money goes into wages and CEO bonuses than it does to the charity... Continue Reading →

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