Frugality And Credit Cards

Whilst I rarely have trouble getting Debit cards and savings accounts, getting a credit card is nothing short of impossible. I have had credit cards in the past but it's been a long time. My risk-averse nature means I have no debt and all my savings are in 'safe' investments. Frugality means I am not... Continue Reading →

June Yellow Stickers

Things have still been a bit low on the bargains front although I have had a better month despite not going to the supermarket any more than before. I am still keeping to essential visits only because, frankly, people's idea of social distancing is really lapsing. On the plus side I am now reaping the... Continue Reading →

Freeganism and Frugality

'Waste Not Want Not' is a phrase close to my heart. Most call it Freeganism and some say it's stealing, but if we didn't throw so much away, it wouldn't need to exist on the scale it does today. I often repurpose things, I like a bit of DIY, and I am not averse to... Continue Reading →

Noise Pollution

The local cemetery, which sits right out on the edge of town amid the countryside, continues to be the only place I can go to get away from the irritations of modern life ie human beings. All the communal green spaces are full of people doing their 'one plus hours' of daily exercise. It's also... Continue Reading →

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