Reblog: BBC News: ‘Four hours to walk off pizza calories’ warning works, experts say

One of the main reasons I don't generally buy ready-made or processed anything in the food aisles is because of the calorie count and the hidden ingredients. Homemade versions have less calories and at least I know what's in it. Seeing as the traffic light system isn't really working, I'm not sure putting on packaging... Continue Reading →

The New Dictatorship

I've started reading about circadian rhythms. It's interesting and I certainly agree with some of the principles. I already follow some of the 'rules' because I know I feel better for them. I try to get my 8 hours of sleep a night. I usually eat within a 12 hr window and I don't eat... Continue Reading →

October Yellow Stickies

Tesco offered up some great deals in early October. Cathedral Cheddar was cheap. Figs were cheap. Broccoli was cheap. The rest of the month has pretty much been yellow stickers in Morrisons all the way and I've switched to buying my cream there too in the hope they'll start giving me 100 point offers on... Continue Reading →

A Week Of Temptation

I've had a terrible week. All I want to do is eat cake. I blame the weather and hormones and the early onset of the festive season. I can always find an excuse. I stood in Morrisons yesterday and looked at these for ages before walking away. One look at the carb content is usually... Continue Reading →

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