June Yellow Stickers

Things have still been a bit low on the bargains front although I have had a better month despite not going to the supermarket any more than before. I am still keeping to essential visits only because, frankly, people's idea of social distancing is really lapsing. On the plus side I am now reaping the... Continue Reading →

Reblog: BBC News: Container enthusiasm: How to grow lockdown veg in a tiny space

Amidst all the really hideous news right now, I was happy to see this. Apparently, lots of people have discovered the joys of container gardening. Not to be thwarted by a lack of their own outdoors they are creating little green oasis' high and low amid the concrete jungle. Long may it continue.

Venetian Recipes on Budget

I have managed to slip a couple of Venetian recipes into my tight budget. 'Fegato alla Veneziana' is basically Venetian Liver and onions cooked in butter with a generous splash of white wine. My ingredients of course aren't good enough for a Venetian palette, but it's a case of 'beggars can't be choosers' where getting... Continue Reading →

May Yellow Stickers

May has been rubbish for yellow stickers mostly because of the ongoing challenge of getting into the supermarket and then being able to get anything you actually want or can afford. My case in point: On the plus side I have, thanks to Covid-19, discovered new cupboard stapes which I will probably continue to buy.... Continue Reading →

Reblog: BBC Radio 4: Saturday Live

Saturday Live featured Jack Monroe of Bootstrap Cook fame this morning. I love hearing about Jack's challenges and successes over the years. She's incredibly inspiring and some of her recipes are just perfect for frugal cooks like me. Enjoy.

Not Enough Or Too Much?

Years ago, I had a bad habit of stockpiling food. I had a monthly shopping list that I stuck to rigidly. If I had it already in the cupboard, I bought it anyway. I had an irrational fear of running out of food despite having no money worries. It had a small basis in real... Continue Reading →

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