2022 Surveys Side Hustle Update

I talked here in February about doing online surveys for cash as an easily accessible side hustle. I've mentioned them in other blog posts since, and it has now become a part of my daily work routine. Instead of thinking of it as something that keeps me away from my business, I now think of... Continue Reading →

Two Pints Of Milk

Someone posted on Instagram at the end of last month that the price of 2 pints of milk was now the same price as 4 pints of milk back in January. I haven't noticed this so much as I don't buy full price milk, but I also haven't seen a decent yellow sticker milk deal... Continue Reading →

Fighting The Snacking Habit

I have fought my love of food all my life. I just like food. But I also like my health, my mobility and my independence from a health system that can't be relied upon. Equally, a snacking habit has no place in a cost of living crisis. Therefore most days are spent battling my urge... Continue Reading →

Frivolous Luxuries

I have always considered myself quite privileged that for a greater part of my adult life I have been able to afford to run a car. My independence has always been precious to me, and being able to travel at will has always been a part of that. I am always careful with what I... Continue Reading →

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