Bargaining Chips

Every day that you're on a diet, or following an exercise routine or a weight loss programme, you are constantly bargaining with yourself. Weight loss requires you to meet a calorie deficit in order to keep up a rate of loss. You can do this in several ways - to eat less, to exercise more... Continue Reading →

More From The Pennines

It's getting to that time of year where the weather dictates how much run time you get. Nice days are getting fewer and further between and whilst I'm not adverse to running in a bit of rain, I won't go out in a deluge. 10th October was one of those rare days. We had been... Continue Reading →

The Law of Averages

I've been a little perplexed. In just over a month I have only managed to drop another 2.5lbs where I was averaging 1lb a week before. I know there have been events that have blown the calorie budgets on certain days but it's not been every day. In fact, out of 33 days, 10 were... Continue Reading →

Exercising With Purpose

This last week I have had several opportunities to turn exercise into a part of my daily life. That's not to say that doesn't happen anyway. I log everything from the weekly shop to a walk around town to do errands. But sometimes there are more specific reasons to log the mileage and use it... Continue Reading →

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