2022 Surveys Side Hustle Update

I talked here in February about doing online surveys for cash as an easily accessible side hustle. I've mentioned them in other blog posts since, and it has now become a part of my daily work routine. Instead of thinking of it as something that keeps me away from my business, I now think of... Continue Reading →

When Is The Yellow Sticker Bubble Going To Burst?

I keep planning to have a no buy month and use what I have in my freezers. But then I go for a quick reckie in the supermarket and there are loads of good deals, a lot of it foods with long use by dates or fresh products that can go in the freezer. Temptation... Continue Reading →

Feast Or Famine

Shopping only for yellow sticker discount products means having to take whatever you can get. It means being careful with what you have, and rationing things out as long as they're still edible, especially if it's a key ingredient, in case you run out and can't get any more for months. It means stocking up... Continue Reading →

Solar Power – Small Scale

Spring arrived bang on time and some of you I am sure can imagine my sheer mental relief at the rising temperatures and actual sunlight. I have dispensed with some of my indoor knitted layers and my hot water bottle on all but the coldest evenings, and fresh air is circulating with gay abandon as... Continue Reading →

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