The Dwindling Hope Of The 15-Minute Neighbourhood And The Perseverance Of Greenfield Housing

Last December I wrote about the 15 minute neighbourhood. About how if you were now working from home indefinitely, everything you needed for a productive and normal life should be within a 15 minute walk from your home. I talked about how it would be great if every town had a business hub/co-working space where... Continue Reading →

The Results Are In….

I have received my new estimate for energy use for after the rise in April. It isn't 54%. It's more, and it's the standing charges that seem to account for that. The one for electricity is eye watering. Some people have been recording huge rises in the standing charges, and it varies across the country... Continue Reading →

Monetising My Spare Time

One of my new year resolutions is to boost my income by taking on more side hustles. Now, more than ever, I really need that extra income. I've focused on paid online surveys which are easy to fit in around my current work and lifestyle. I made just over £100 last year from them, but... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Has A Class Problem

Real sustainability is about cutting back, not buying new things. But sustainability was hijacked by big industry and environmental activism developed a class problem. 'Austerity Chic' is very much a thing created by people who wanted to make money out of it. Plastic covered veg will still cost you more than the loose version. Grand... Continue Reading →

Tiny Changes In 2022

Boy do I hate the winter. Shorter daylight hours mean less work and making the most of the natural daylight, now that I have cut back on using lights. And it's cold, but so far this year I have been able to keep on working. The heating is still set to its winter allowance (5pm... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of A Freezer

The freezer is probably my most valuable tool in the kitchen. It enables me to over buy on yellow sticker items and store them for another time. Most of my freezer is currently full of blanched vegetables, pre-cooked apples and rhubarb, frozen foraged blackberries and pre-made soups and casseroles as well as a host of... Continue Reading →

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