Know What You Need And How To Save Money Too

Knowing what you need to be healthy and balanced, and spotting the difference when you're not getting that, is important. Even more important is taking action when things are slipping. I've spent the last three weeks at my parents house and I feel like I have a never ending hangover. The reasons are this: a... Continue Reading →

Milk Methodology – How To Save Money On Your Regular Purchase

I was explaining my £50 pm food budget to a new acquaintance the other day. I used my milk purchases as an example of how I negotiate systems and make things work in my favour whilst still being mindful. The last time I bought milk I purchased a 6 pint bottle of whole milk for... Continue Reading →

Gifting vs Charity Donations

I don't know about you but I get a lot more satisfication from gifting something to someone rather than donating to a charity shop. I've worked in a charity shop. Let's face it they have overheads and I imagine more of the money goes into wages and CEO bonuses than it does to the charity... Continue Reading →

October Yellow Stickers

October has been a great month for healthy yellow stickers. Whilst I wait for my own Kale to grow, it's been in the supermarket for very little for a lot of this month. I have bought bags and bags of it. Morrisons has been slashing prices and a lot of the veg full price is... Continue Reading →

Cold Weather Gripes

If there's one thing I really hate about the cold weather it's how long it takes to dry a load of washing. It's only mid October and already it takes 3/4 days even with an extra spin before I hang everything up. Luckily I have a long hallway separate to my flat which seems to... Continue Reading →

Is Ethical Consumerism An Oxymoron?

Is ethical consumerism an oxymoron? Can you be an ethical consumer? Does an ethical approach mean not buying anything at all or are there concessions? Can you buy new only when necessary or with longevity in mind, or should you always buy second-hand and then repair and renovate until you have no choice but to... Continue Reading →

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