Two Pints Of Milk

Someone posted on Instagram at the end of last month that the price of 2 pints of milk was now the same price as 4 pints of milk back in January. I haven’t noticed this so much as I don’t buy full price milk, but I also haven’t seen a decent yellow sticker milk deal in quite some time.

Instead, I have continued to take advantage of the cashback app deals that have come my way. I had a feeling this price change was going to happen, and so every time they offered ‘Milkology’ or ‘Minor Figures’ for free, I bought it. I am not a fussy milk drinker. Real or fake, it doesn’t matter to me, and I am not a heavy milk user either, so a bottle lasts ages.

The other advantage of these milk brands is that it’s long life (you get about 6 months) which means I am never going to be caught short if there are no yellow sticker deals. So far I’ve acquired 25 1 litre bottles and at an average of £1.80 a bottle, that’s quite a lot of money saved.

Of course, I would never buy these full price, but I do continue to look for fresh milk deals to add to the freezer so that I can string out these hoards out for as long as possible, because honestly, it’s keeping me going and the way prices are rising this is rapidly becoming a really important stash.

Making predictions as to how prices will rise isn’t easy. I don’t try to do big scale predictions, just the ones that will affect me. It’s why I have also stashed a lot of my fresh veg purchases in my freezer and grabbed every free or low price deal on the cash back apps whether it’s something I usually buy or not.

Variety is the spice of life and thanks to cashback apps my diet has become a bit more interesting without upping my budget.

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  1. Good for you. Planning ahead is more vital than ever. I can see that there’s going to be a whole lot more kale and potatoes in our lives from this point forward with the way our shopping bills are going!

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