If You Can See It, You Can Use It

Making a list of the contents of your freezer might not seem like a great money saver, but in the same way that I tend to wear the same clothes over and over because they are to hand and I’m a bit lazy (and yet I have a variety of clothes, enough to last the rest of my life), so knowing what’s in your freezer will help you plan more varied meals and maybe stop you shopping so often. 

This is especially useful for me as I tend to freeze leftovers, so I have small amounts of various foods which could form the basis of more interesting meals – that’s everything from meat, to bread, to vegetables. 

I keep a handwritten list on an old envelope, which I’ve stuck to the front of my freezer door, and it’s much more convenient than emptying out the freezer every time I need inspiration. 

The truth is, I could probably live off what I have in my freezers and cupboards for about a month, but when you only shop for below shelf price, it’s worth keeping plenty in stock for the days when there is nothing on the discount shelves, as happens. It means I am not forced into a situation of having to pay full price for those items which I need to remain cheap.

I don’t know how rising food prices are going to affect the availability of discounts. So far, it’s not having any impact. But this is no time for complacency. Never assume.

2 thoughts on “If You Can See It, You Can Use It

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  1. I have a friend who was frugal, but not very organised. She had two chest freezers that she would fill to the brim during the plenty months, and eat down over the winter. She often forgot to label things, and would cheerfully confess to having UFOs for dinner – unidentified frozen objects. Once she defrosted, heated up and served what she thought was a curry but turned out to be an apricot crumble. With rice. 😂

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    1. That’s brilliant! A Russian Roulette of dinners! 😀 I have to confess when I have both chopped parsnip and chopped apple in the freezer it can sometimes be difficult to guess them correctly. I almost ended up with a parsnip crumble once!

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