Levelling Up Plant Based Food Options

Better for animal welfare grocery items are the territory of the financially OK, not for folks like me managing a £25 a month food budget. 

Even so, shopping only for yellow sticker and cashback items has unexpectedly opened up this market for me. 

Whilst I don’t consume a lot of milk and make small amounts go a long way and last a long time, my conscience has been bothered by buying the stuff at all. I think primarily of the welfare of the cattle and especially the practice of removing calves from their mothers at birth, which plays on my mind greatly. Whilst there are ‘calf at foot’ options, they are way beyond my budget. 

Luckily plant based milk options appear fairly regularly for free on the discount shelves at my local supermarket and the cashback app GreenJinn, and whilst I have environmental concerns over the increase in the production of these items (where and how are these crops being grown to satisfy the demand?) at least I don’t have to think quite so often about the baby cows and their big baby faces being wrenched from their mothers. 

Some of these plant based milks are freezable, some are long life. I am not fussy. If it’s free, I will take it. I have even developed a preference for oat milk above all others. 

Very recently the cashback sites have been offering a number of ‘try for free’ offers with new on the shelf brand Milkology, and I’ve stacked up 14, 2 litre bottles. It’s also long life and so will last in a cool place until December, which has got to be saving me a stack of cash.  

This is a great back up for when I can’t get anything else in the shops, and although I will still buy regular milk if it is cheap enough, and I can water it down and freeze it as always, I much prefer the plant versions when they are available. 

I don’t have a lot of dairy in my diet generally, because it all has to come from the cheap shelves. Yoghurt, cottage cheese and mozzarella are all occasional treats and I have weaned myself off my cheese addiction since banning full price purchases, meaning that this has also become a special treat.

All in all, plant based foods are available, provided you are prepared to wait and purchase within your existing budget, and that’s quite a nice thing to be able to do.

2 thoughts on “Levelling Up Plant Based Food Options

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  1. Oat milk is my favourite too. A pleasant, slightly nutty, not too sweet taste. Easy to make you know, just blend oats and water if you have access to a blender. That may make it cheaper?

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    1. Oh that sounds like a challenge I’d like to try and it could work out cheaper. I’d have to do some tests! I don’t have a blender but I’ll take a look and see if my parents have an old one lurking at the back of the cupboard that they never use. My mum has pretty much given up baking from scratch so this may be an opportunity! Thank you for the tip!

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