The Importance Of A Freezer

The freezer is probably my most valuable tool in the kitchen. It enables me to over buy on yellow sticker items and store them for another time. Most of my freezer is currently full of blanched vegetables, pre-cooked apples and rhubarb, frozen foraged blackberries and pre-made soups and casseroles as well as a host of cut price meat options.

In the winter, space is at a premium because I am stocked up on autumn foraged items. Some get bottled but I have limited space in all areas and it can be hard to fit everything in and still take advantage of what’s in the shops.

I had been thinking about getting a second counter top freezer for a while. At a push I could find the room for it, but it wouldn’t be in the kitchen and it certainly wouldn’t be pretty. At the beginning of last December the door of the small box freezer in my under counter fridge broke. It’s small but vital space, but it also belongs to the flat and my landlord dragged his heels for over a week before sending someone to look at it. By the time I returned from my Christmas break in early January, I was still waiting for it to be fixed.

In the meantime, I spent my time away trying to find a second hand counter top freezer that was near enough for me to collect. My first one, which I bought when I moved into my flat nearly 4 years ago, cost £30 and £30 still seemed reasonable for something small and second or third hand, but trying to get one at that price either on eBay or through Facebook Marketplace has taken an age. Eventually I managed to pick one up whilst I was away for Christmas. It is fractionally smaller than my current one but lighter to carry and only cost £20 and with it being only a few months old, I think I have done well. It will give me vital extra space for stockpiling cheap items and in autumn, all of which is going to be advantageous to my budget long term.

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      1. Sadly not cold enough to freeze them, although definitely as cold as a fridge. The builders keep their milk for tea outside! 😆

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