Back On The Diet App – New Methods

I have been having a battle with food my entire life. I love food. I am a foodie. I am not a fussy eater. I am also a boredom eater who now works from home full time. Everything seems to be against me.

But I also care about my health, my fitness and my weight. So, the battle between keeping my weight in check and my relentless desire to snack and experiment with budget conscious home cooked recipes has never stopped.

I am back on MyNetDiary. My cholesterol results (fine though they were) made me want to do things better, even though I need to do nothing, apparently.

All this year I have been focusing on exercise, building up to between 30-40k per week in walks and runs to try and bring my weight down again. But it has made no difference and it has stayed stubbornly at 8lbs above my 2020 comfort zone. Thanks to the cholesterol test, I have found a way to change my mindset and now exercise is for fitness and for my mind, not for the calorie burn.

My bottom line these days is the three percentages on the MyNetDiary dashboard. Carbs, Protein and Fat. For the first time the focus is trying to keep them green. By doing that, ironically, it is keeping my calories in check too. So far I’ve lost 6lbs.

After all this time, I thought I had a handle on my diet. I thought I knew what was right, what was wrong and I thought I knew when I had slipped up, but clearly I didn’t.

A combination of the app and my tight food budget means that I have to keep my eating in check – not just because of my weight, but because of a far more influential bottom line – money and that is a far bigger motivation for me.

The nutritional content of pre-produced food creates huge challenges, and it’s just as well I avoid them as a general rule because it’s a daily struggle to keep those percentages down without home cooking. I often juggle ingredients around to keep the balance, and exercise also helps to bring an orange bar back into line – so there is one of my exercise motivations right there. Here are the bars:

This is a fairly average day for me and gives me roughly a 1500 calorie intake. Using this method, I don’t even need to look at my calories anymore. Staying within these limits alone and within my money budget is keeping almost everything in check.

So, here we go again. The challenges never end. It’s a constant learning process, but this feels like a good one. Onwards and upwards.

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