Food Prices Are Going To Rise – Should We Worry?

The news, always the bringer of doom in the quest for ratings, keeps telling us that food prices are rising in the wake of the pandemic. Back in 2020 you couldn’t even get some basics, leading to a serious problem with stockpiling.

Import and export is still the problem, but now it’s because of a bottleneck and ports and a lack of staff and lorry drivers at various points of the production line all around the world. The UK may have slipped back into some kind of normality but elsewhere in the world where most of our stuff comes from, countries are moving from one Covid crisis to the next with entire ports and factories shut down completely as Covid variants rampage through communities and workforces.

Remember 2020?

Morrisons have ‘rolled back’ a lot of prices this summer – mostly on vegetables, which isn’t unusual. They go through phases of this, usually because prices are going to go up at some point in their financial planning, and they’re sweetening the pill of what’s to come. They’ve no doubt been reading the same headlines as me for the last few months and probably saw this coming long before I did.

I have been running spreadsheets for years to help me keep check on my supermarket spend. I always know when something has gone up. If it jeopardises my budget, I look for a replacement or simply go without. It depends a lot on the product as well as the price hike.

I wouldn’t say there has been a huge number of price changes for me over the last 18 months. Last year, just getting some basic items was a challenge, but now they are back, there doesn’t seem to have been a price implication – yet. Bear in mind however, that I only buy Morrisons Saver products at full price. I don’t know what’s going on with regular and premium brands or other supermarkets. So here’s a quick run down of some of my observations:

Brown Flour is still £1.15 but has been hard to get this year

White flour was 80p and is now 45p

Potatoes were £1 now 85p

Peanut butter was 70p now 85p

Pork and Beef Mince is still £3.20, but they haven’t stocked it in several months

Tinned tomatoes are still 28p

Broccoli was 70p now 49p

Tinned tuna was 70p now 59p

Today, we have been reminded again that prices are going to rise, and I wonder if it’s time to stock pile on a few things that are likely to go up to help get through until next year on budget. An extra 5p on something might not seem like a big deal, but if it happens to 10 things on my regular shop, it can be the difference between swallowing a bigger budget or ditching items completely. I have started letting yellow sticker deals dictate what goes into my shopping basket full stop. It’s a ‘fun’ challenge. You never know what you might come home with.

You can live well on yellow sticker deals

Next month we have the challenge of rocketing household fuel costs to add to the mix, and I’m not sure how to negotiate that one yet. I’ve already switched providers once this season. But I know I’m not safe as I haven’t fixed in yet and not having a Smart metre means I am excluded from many deals. Winter is a tough season anyway and I fear this year will be tougher on all counts.

4 thoughts on “Food Prices Are Going To Rise – Should We Worry?

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  1. I’ve already planted beets, chard, kale and will do garlic and onions in the next few weeks. I think it will get worse and the more that we can all do towards self sufficiency and storage the better 👍

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    1. Absolutely. I’ve planted most of these things this year but I am so very short on space compared to you. I have really over planted on Kale because at least it’s something I can keep right through winter. I’ve frozen my spring onions which should get me through a few months – the harvest wasn’t very good this year. I have chard, spinach and beetroot in but they are very very slow. The summer has been terrible here. I’m trying to minimise what I need to buy and use this to boost what’s available to me but it’s a constant uphill.


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