How To Make A Budget Summer Dessert That’s As Good As A Restaurant One

Many of my desserts are based on yellow sticker offers. Greek yoghurt is one of my favourites but tends to be all or nothing on the shelves. When it appears there tends to be a lot of it. I’ve partly got around the problem by turning it into frozen desserts.

It’s very simple to make this, or your own variation. In the summer I pick lots of blackberries. Many of them become jam, and I freeze what I can for winter desserts. But by the next late Spring I still have some left. Pop them into your yoghurt, stir in a scoop of oats and (if you are using natural yoghurt) add a spoonful of either jam or honey and pop it into the freezer. If you don’t have foraged fruits, a handful of own brand dried fruit will do the same job.

Add some chopped mint leaves from the garden to add some extra zing. Heaven in a bowl!

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