Reblog: BBC News: Warning over youth career aspiration-reality disconnect

This has been coming for years. Everyone wants to be a creative. Everyone wants a job that’s a passion and a vocation rather than how people used to do it, ie getting a job because they needed work, whether they liked it or not.

I did a job I didn’t particularly like for 17 years and had enough money. Then I decided to follow what I wanted to do and now I don’t have any money. So I am looking for work back in the ‘I’m not so keen on this’ bracket because at least it pays actual cash. You can manage both but if the teens of today are anything like I was – they stick to their guns regardless of the outcome.

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  1. I’m a step mum to two, 20 and 22. They have an expectation that they will be able to follow their dreams. Not a hope, but an expectation. I think it’s a generational thing. It’s certainly not something that my husband and I can afford to supplement. We have worked hard all our lives doing jobs that we don’t like to be able to make enough money to keep our families comfortable, but there doesn’t seem to be that ethos in the young…😏


    1. I wonder how much it has changed or whether it’s standard teenage belief in a digital age. I was convinced I was going to be discovered/published/famous by 21. Yes i had some things happen. But it wasn’t anything close to what was in my head and then I went out to work in crappy office jobs for 17 yrs and all hope of discovery was beaten out of me. Nowadays I follow a more idealistic lifestyle but I have no aspiration that it will take me anywhere. The blog won’t lead to anything. My business probably won’t get much bigger than it already is. But some of that is down to me. You do become more grounded, perhaps disillusioned as you get older. I’d like to get some of it back but I think it’s long since left me. I am just thankful I managed to get out of the rat race even if it comes with its sacrifices and challenges. I stopped wanting to ‘be something’ because I realised that it really doesn’t matter anymore in our oversaturated world. That said I still have a dream of rescuing battery hens. Got to keep something baking in the oven!

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      1. Rescuing battery hens and giving those poor creatures some quality of life is a fine aspiration to have. Even small things in this life make a huge difference 👍

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