Discovering How To Read Again

I’ve got a lot better at reading since I stopped paying for the books. Before, spending money on paper entertainment seemed frivilous unless it was an essential in my work. Then I discovered my local library and suddenly I could choose any book without the risk of not liking it because if I didn’t like it, it hadn’t cost me anything but the walk there and back.

I used to love reading when I was a kid, but once I entered the grown up world of work and had it drummed into me that every hour not spent working was an hour spent unpaid I stopped doing things for fun. Last autumn I changed all that and I’ve been retraining myself ever since to enjoy time spent sitting in silence with a book and opening my mind.

I haven’t enjoyed all the books I’ve read, but most have been complementary to my, not so new but, firmly enforced view on life. In fact, some of the books have reminded me that though I may not be quite winning at life, I’m winning at staying sane and not taking anyone’s shit in the process.

This is my selection of previous books. I’m currently reading The Little Book of Ikigai – the essential Japanese way to finding your purpose in life and awaiting delivery of Aristotle’s Way – how ancient wisdom can change your life.

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