Reblog: The Sinister Side Of Fasting & Fitness Apps That No One’s Talking About

Fitness and calorie apps are incredibly useful if you’re on a safe and sensible diet, and especially if it’s been news to you, just how much you eat. Of course, and like anything, these apps are open for abuse and use by people who really should not be using them. Dieting has become ‘gamified’ by apps in a different way and it’s something to worry about.

Fasting, whilst championed by so many, can also be the road to ruin for the rest of us. Not eating is not sustainable and treating it like a challenge, trying to see just how long you can go without eating is dangerous and damaging. I tried it when I was at a particuarly vulnerable point and shouldn’t have been doing it. I wouldn’t do it again.

This article is well worth a read. Take note.

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